5 Reasons Why Laptop Maintenance is Important

1. Prevent against viruses and malware:

Viruses and malware are a pain to any business, virus writers actively
seek to disrupt your business and access files on your network. When
your computer/ laptop is infected a number of symptoms may be felt, from
annoying slowdowns to popup messages or contacts emailing you about a
strange email you apparently sent them. If your IT system is
compromised your business could be used as a launching pad to infect
other businesses, which can have consequences as companies start black
listing your email address.

If Microsoft Windows and your antivirus software is kept up to date
then it greatly reduces your chance of a virus infection as commonly
known IT loopholes are closed to hackers and virus writers.
If you do receive a suspicious email or come across something you’re
not sure about online, be careful with it, in a moments haste you
could cost a lot of productivity and money to be wasted.
Remember antivirus is not foolproof, always exercise caution and if in
doubt contact your IT service provider

2. Stuck On Hard Drive :

In Most of the cases where Laptops starts give you pain. The Major reason biehind this is To defrag your Laptop means to de-fragment , which is a process that
rearranges fragmented data so that it is easier to read, allowing your
Laptop to work more efficiently. Not surprisingly, defragging your
hard drive is another maintenance task that ensures your laptop will
run as efficiently as possible. There is no need to defrag more than
once a month for your programs to run more quickly and make better use
of the space on your hard drive. When you defrag your laptop hard
drive regularly, you should notice fewer software crashes or freeze
ups and programs will run better. Defragging can be as simple as using
a defragmenter software. But note that if you have a solid-state drive
(SSD) in your laptop, you do not need to defragment.s

3. Clean Your Hard Drive: 

Over the course of a month, it is easy for the IT professional to
accumulate a lot of unnecessary files on their laptop hard drive. Take
the time once a month to go through your hard drive and examine the
files there. As you look over those files, determine which should be
saved elsewhere for future reference and which can be trashed. This is
also a great opportunity to back up your files on an external drive

Additionally, if you download programs
on a regular basis to try new things or to have access to new programs
for projects, properly ​uninstall those programs when they are no
longer needed. A cleaner hard drive is a smoother running hard drive.

4. Speed up Your Laptop: 

Over time, files that are stored on your computer can become
disorganized and fragmented, this results in slow loading times and
delayed access to programs and files. By regularly running speed
checks and smart optimization, we can speed up your computers loading
times and take care of those annoying pauses when you are busy and
need quick and efficient access to your files and software.

5. Maintenance expands life of the device:

The most common complaint about old Computers/ Laptop is that they are slow. This is only mildly related to age and more likely due to bad
maintenance or — as Apple fans will attest to — poor operating system
and software design. Fortunately, you can speed up an old installation
of Windows and with a few tricks, you can prevent a fresh installation
from going stale too quickly.

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